5 Pollutants You Didn’t Know Existed in Your Tap Water

Pollutants Water

Pollutants Water. You wake up in the middle of the night and wander into the kitchen for a drink of water. Like most people, you give no thought to the water coming out of the tap or white might be hiding in it. The fact is your community’s water is probably supplied, at least in part, by streams, lakes and reservoirs that are open to the air or by groundwater that is susceptible to contamination from many sources. Here are a few things that you might not have known were in your last glass of water.

Hard Metals

Metals like magnesium and calcium can be dissolved in your water to give it that “hardness” that leaves stains on clothing and the kitchen and bath fixtures in your home. If it is left unchecked it can damage the waterlines and lead to flooding, mold and mildew damage.

Human and Animal Waste

This can be a problem for people that live in rural communities where farm runoff can get into the groundwater. The waste particulates can become suspended in the water and cause health problems for your family.

Heavy Metals

These differ from hard metals in that they can poison you and your family. Lead, arsenic and cadmium, among others, can get into your water by leaching from the surrounding rocks and soil and from old plumbing. Lead in particular was used for home plumbing through the mid-20th century. If your home has lead plumbing you need to have it replaced immediately.

Dissolved Gasses

Methane, radon and chlorine are the most common offenders, but oxygen and nitrogen can also cause health problems if dissolved in your water. These gasses can also pollute the soil and damage plants that you are watering.


Bacteria, algae and several forms of virus head the list for this type of pollution. They can cause a variety of ailments including gastroenteritis and dysentery. E-coli bacteria is often found in water supplies, as are cholera and giardia. The most common method of combating this is filtering using a devise with microscopic pores.

These are only a few of the things that can exist in your water. The best way to combat these and other pollutants is to have a water purification system, offered by companies like Anderson Water Systems, installed in your home. These companies will test your water to determine the perfect method to clear everything potentially harmful from your water.

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